Elisabeth Moss Did A Sexy GQ Shoot And Played A Round Of Sterling Cooper FMK

Mad Men is back this Sunday, which means there will be lots of thinkity-think pieces written about the show in the next week or so. This is basically a good thing, as few shows are more fun to examine with a microscope and centrifuge than the AMC drama. But the show’s return also means the cast is doing the usual publicity rounds, which is an even better thing since showrunner Matthew Weiner is so notoriously secretive about what will happen on the show that the actors aren’t allowed to spill any details, and with nothing else to talk about, sometimes things get fun. Which is exactly what happened during Elisabeth Moss’s recent photo shoot and interview with GQ.

Moss is calling during a pause in shooting on Mad Men, a show she’s still very much on, despite Peggy’s exit from the firm last season. So let’s push our luck. F-ck Marry Kill, Moss. Go: “Oh brother. I don’t want to marry any of them! Impossible! I guess I’d marry…Sterling? F-ck Don. And I guess I have to kill Pete? But let me say for the record that none of these are things I’d ever want to do.” So noted. [GQ]

Hmmmm, let’s see here … [pulls out Teacher Copy of the FMK textbook, flips to Sterling Cooper section]

Marry Roger, the old rich guy who likes to party and usually comes home so drunk that you can just put him to bed without dealing with him? Correct.

F-ck Don, the mysterious bad boy sexual dynamo who looks so good in a suit that it’s a miracle he makes it to the office every morning without causing a mob scene of single women chasing after him like that one scene in the Chris O’Donnell movie, The Bachelor? Also correct.

Kill Pete, noted rapist sh-thead weasel? Correct again. It appears everything is in order here.

[writes A+ on Elisabeth Moss’s paper, puts little rocketship sticker in the corner]

Photo credit: Steven Pan/GQ