Eliza Coupe Telling Dirty Jokes Is How ABC Can ‘Save Happy Endings’

ABC is getting a lot of crap for their new “Save Happy Endings” promo, which encourages (Nielsen) viewers to watch the sitcom when it finally returns next Friday. Otherwise, no more Steaktanics to shotgun next season. The hate comes not only from the hypocrisy of pleading for people to check out a show at a time when they’re usually out drinking, but also from the clip’s clear desperation. ABC is basically an amateur assassin with a shaky gun up to Happy Endings‘ head, demanding that either we watch the show or…BOOM.

Is it going to work? Nope. Happy Endings is almost definitely going to be cancelled, which is obviously awful, made doubly so by Celebrity Wife Swap stealing its old timeslot, but it’s not entirely ABC’s fault. Sure, they could have done a better job, a point that Adam Pally pointed out on Twitter, but viewers never flocked to the show, and even as a cult hit, it doesn’t have the same foaming-at-the-whore-mouth fanbase as Community. This is a damn shame; Happy Endings hasn’t had a bad episode and even its merely “OK” ones are better than 99% of what else is out there. ABC did make one big mistake, though: needs more Eliza Coupe telling dirty jokes.

And for the ladies:

We have to do everything for you, don’t we, ABC? #savehappyendings

(Via Esquire)