Ellen Page And Her Hairbrush Take Center Stage In This Odd Stand-Up Audition For ‘Conan’

Ellen Page should stick to acting if this stand-up audition video is any indication. Or maybe I don’t know anything about comedy and Ellen Page is the most brilliant humorist since Mark Twain traveled to the future and fused with Andrew Dice Clay — “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do in the kitchen today, OH!”

She stopped by Conan to promote the excellent looking Freeheld and talk about how she wanted to do stand-up on Conan’s show back when she was around 23. So with the help of Steve Agee and her hairbrush, Page put together this very Canadian audition tape for O’Brien to see. It was uploaded online, but she finally brought it to the show on Tuesday. Conan seemed pleased by it all and got a laugh at the very Juno-esque comedic performance going down in this audition.

I will say this about foreign money – it’s so much more interesting and odd than American greenbacks. Australia for example is primed for surfing, has funky colors on it and feels like it’s made of out of plastic (making it very hard to rip). It’s almost like the entire country adopted board game money, until you realize how much easier it is to keep track of it all.

(Via Team Coco)