Emily Blunt Almost Killed Tom Cruise For Real On The Set Of ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’

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06.04.14 8 Comments

I will venture out and say that Edge of Tomorrow looks pretty good for a summer movie. It isn’t a remake or a sequel, it has an established bit of source material behind it, and Tom Cruise hasn’t let me down for a few movies now. Also Emily Blunt is there and that’s always a plus.

In the film Tom Cruise dies and repeats the same day over and over, sort of like Groundhog Day with alien war spiders. Just imagine saying that to a movie exec and you have the germ for Edge of Tomorrow. Well as you’ll see in this Conan interview, Blunt almost killed Cruise for real on the set of the movie.

No she didn’t try to shoot him and save humanity from a ghost alien uprising. Instead she put Cruise’s knack for doing his own stunts to the test with some fancy stunt driving and managed to crash directly into a tree. Clearly they’re both OK and laughed about it, but the story is funny enough for late night television fodder.

(Via Team Coco)

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