Emmy Rossum Made A Good Case For Watching ‘Shameless’ In ‘Esquire’

Over the weekend, in a post about a new not-at-all-homoerotic Sherlock series three trailer, I convinced myself that Christmas is dumb because Christmas is in December, and so many good TV shows return in January and December is not January, January is not December, EINHORN IS FINKLE. To recap: there’s Community, Justified, and Archer, as well as newcomers True Detective and The Spoils of Babylon. But one returning series that we don’t talk about nearly enough is Shameless, Showtime’s second best series after Masters of Sex and before Homeland. It’s quietly gained a small, but loyal fanbase over the course of three seasons, which is odd; not that people are watching, but that more people aren’t watching. Because, I mean, Emmy Rossum, you guys.

In an interview with Esquire, Rossum talked about…dog penises. Huh.

ROSSUM: You could meet my dog? [Gets up.] Hold, please. [She goes into other room. Hysterical, echoy laughter.] He’s on his Furcedes! Look! [She holds up a giant dog bed.] So that’s Cinnamon. He’s real small.

ESQUIRE: Let me get a picture.

ER: He has a really big penis.

ESQ: I should get a picture of that, too.

ER: No, that’s animal porn. But he has a huge penis. (Via)

Some guy’s going to look up “dog penis” on the Internet, find this article, and be very disappointed.

For more photos and the rest of the interview, head to Esquire.

(Via Esquire, photos via James White for Esquire)