Enter: Hover Corgi

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04.01.11 10 Comments

[Via poorfilmstudent]
The Internet is the worst place to work on April Fool’s Day. I am 99% sure that this photo is a scam and that Hover Corgi is not actually able to hover in real life. Although a corgi evolving hovering skills would probably devolve its legs to the point of nothingness, and you’d just have these weird monorail snake dogs zipping all over the place.
But yeah, this looks shopped. I can tell by the pixels. I bet they got together and talked about it before they took the picture. This is scripted entertainment.
A Corgi Friday gallery follows, and if you stick around until the end you’ll see a pair of videos showcasing the other deadly skills assimilated by the Corg.

Almost there.
[Via MyCorgi]
A little rest and relaxation after a long day of proving God wrong.
[Via -festusfeces]
I’d consider whether or not I want to see WWE undercard tag team scat porn before clicking that link
This dog dog doesn’t care that you’re hovering, but he’s interested in knowing why you’ve hovered.
[Via MyCorgi]
This picture has me dangerously close to photoshopping in some horrible Cute Overload-style baby talk. OO LIKES EM SCRITCHES PUPPEH
[via F Yeah Corgi]

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