'Entourage' Bros Sold Pot-Based Sitcom To Fox

Senior Pop Culture Editor
11.21.12 3 Comments

“Dude…like, bro, think about…IT, man. It. What if we MAKE another consequence-free show about bros being bros and chilling with theirs bros and babes and drinking beers with their bros, bro, but this time, it can be about, like, weed? Those squares in Washington, more like Washingnone *laughs uncontrollably for 17 minutes* … what were we talking about? Oh yeah, if it’s called reefer, why doesn’t it reef? Where’s all the fish and sh*t?

The Happy Tree, from former Entourage executive producers Rob Weiss, Mark Wahlberg and Steve Levinson, centers on a brilliant young corporate attorney who, after a nervous breakdown, quits his job and seeks a life of peace and serenity on Venice Beach only to find himself the unlikely voice for the marijuana “legalize it” movement. (Via)

“BRO. I just got it: Turtle wasn’t a turtle at all. He was a man.” *takes rip from a bong in the shape of a Boston Bruins shirt-wearing Jon Fishman playing the drums with sandwiches instead of sticks* Heh, Washingnone.”


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