Ever Wondered How Nancy Grace Comes Up With Her ‘Infamous And Wacky’ Hashtags?

As we’ve all known for quite some time, HLN host and very proud former prosecutor and legal expert Nancy Grace, or whoever runs her Twitter account, has a knack for coming up with absurd and terribly inappropriate hashtags for the stories that she’s “reporting.” Except while many of us call them absurd and inappropriate, the bloggers at her website actually call them “infamous and wacky,” because there’s nothing absurd about referring to a story about a baby that was found dead in a car by the blunt and factual #DeadBabyInACar. Hey, she’s just being accurate, you guys.

It turns out that there’s a science to Nancy’s hashtag talent that only the host can explain, as she recently proved on her show by playing the “Hashtag on the Fly!” game. After all, nothing says “Serious journalist” quite like playing a game based on mocking stories about murder and other violent crimes.

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