Every ‘Futurama’ Reference In Last Night’s ‘The Simpsons’ Crossover

“Simpsorama” received about half as much attention as “Simpsons Guy” got in the days leading up its airing, but it was twice as good. That’s not to say it was a classic or anything — the premise was flimsy, there was too little Fry, and of the Futurama characters, only Farnsworth made an impact. But there were some things to like about it, mostly because Futurama and The Simpsons obviously share not only DNA (creator Matt Groening, as well as the guy who wrote “Simpsorama,” J. Stewart Burns, worked on both shows), but also similar comedic sensibilities. Neither is cruel or gross; both got more ridiculous, and often more mediocre, as the seasons added up. That’s apparent here. The pairings made sense and the jokes were fine, but everything felt safe; “Simpsorama” was OK when it could have been “A Star Is Burns.”

Still, it was fun seeing the Futurama references in Springfield, or Simpsons nods in New New York, except for Seymour. That was devastating and pandering and just wrong.

1. The Opening Title

2. The Couch Gag

3. Bender, Bender, Bender

4. “You know, they look a little similar…”

5. Much like life, crossovers are Hell.

6. The rest of the main Planet Express gang.

7. “Kill all humans.” “Start with Flanders.”

8. *starts uncontrollably weeping*

9. Morbo the Annihilator and Linda > Kent Brockman.

10. A Scruffy without his mustache is no Scruffy at all.

11. The sailors on the moon are out of work for a bit.

12. Nibbler’s diet (and the shape of his poop).

13. Hedonismbot makes his grand entrance.


15. Lisa’s modified Holophonor

16. The Knicks still suck, though.

17. The aliens meet.

18. And a look around the future