Everybody Get Your Pantaloons In A Twist, The ‘Downton Abbey’ Series Five Trailer Is Here

The official trailer for series five of Downton Abbey has been released, and sadly as I had tried to predict, it does not feature any dinosaurs. I repeat, no dinosaurs. Instead, it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect: Mary finally picked one of those dudes from series four, there’s a new love interest for Branson (who might be leaving Downton with Sybil’s baby), Isobel is still a tedious champion of the people, Jimmy is effing damn near everyone, and Mr. Carson is pooping on about Downton “catching up with the times.” Someone should tell him that in less than 100 years everyone is going to have handheld devices that will be able to display internet porn and cat videos at the touch of a screen. Also: There’s internet porn and cat videos now.

Oh yeah, and it looks like a fire also breaks out, which — if I had to rate on a scale of natural disasters to befall Downton Abbey, one being a mold infestation and 10 being dinosaurs — I’d probably give that like a four.

Sigh. Series five picks up in the UK September 21st and in the US sometime after that — or, you know, you could just read the episode descriptions on Wikipedia after they air in the UK.

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