Everyone’s Favorite News Anchor Karl Stefanovic Lost It While Interviewing Grumpy Cat

Whereas the American Today Show is an unruly mess, with 9 a.m. booty shaking lessons and suicide attempts and, worst of all, the dreaded he-beast known as Matt Lauer, the Australian Today Show runs as smoothly as a greased up dingo. And it’s all thanks to Karl Stefanovic. D’ya know what oy mean? Recently, he had to interview Grumpy Cat, because like their toilets, memes flush counter-clockwise in Australia, and I think it went really well.

Mr. Cat said some shocking things about Tony Abbott, but hey, he’s just speaking HIS truth, man. As for Stefanovic, he asked the right questions at the right time and handled an interview with a cat with the respect it deserves.