Everything You Need To Know About AXE COP

Hey guys, Axe Cop will soon have his very own TV show! It’s part of the ANIMATION DOMINATION HIGH-DEF late night block premiering Saturday, July 27th 11/10c on FOX.

But wait, maybe you’re not up to speed on AXE COP? That’s okay — there are a lot of things on the Internet, sometimes you miss something awesome. Hit the jump for a quick AXE COP primer before his show premieres…

Who’s AXE COP?

Axe Cop fills his days chopping off bad guy’s heads and auditioning members for various super teams. He’s also the smartest man in the world. His friends include Sockarang (a man with boomerang sock-arms who absorbed the powers of Evil Santa), Uni-Baby, Baby Man, Bat Warthog Man, Flute Cop/Dinosaur Soldier/Avacado Soldier and Ralph Wrinkles, a dog who knows karate (to name a few).

This All Sounds…Kind of Crazy. Who’s Writing This Stuff?

AXE COP is the co-creation of Malachai and Ethan Nicolle. Malachai, who writes the stories, was only 5-years-old when the Axe Cop webcomic began. His brother, who draws the pictures, was 29. By the way, you can read every Axe Cop comic to date for free here.

So, What’s This Animation Domination High-Def Thing All About?

ANIMATION DOMINATION HIGH-DEF airs on FOX at 11PM/10PMc Saturday nights starting July 27th. Original, edgy cartoons without even having to sign up for cable! You could watch AXE COP with rabbit ears if you wanted! You can check out all sorts of short, funny (often filthy) videos at the ANIMATION DOMINATION HIGH-DEF website right now. Also check out a recent Reddit AMA with the head of ANIMATION DOMINATION HIGH-DEF, Nick Weidenfeld.

Okay, AXE COP and ANIMATION DOMINATION HIGH-DEF Both Seem Pretty Cool, But Will The TV Show Be Able To Live Up to the Comic?

It looks like it might! ANIMATION DOMINATION HIGH-DEF has released several AXE COP trailers and they’ve all been hilarious. Here, watch them all why don’tcha?

Ask AXE COP – Halloween

Ask AXE COP – President

Ask AXE COP – Upfront Trailer

Here’s some highlights from a recent ANIMATION DOMINATION HIGH-DEF panel at Wondercon…

Check out this interview with Ethan Nicolle talking all things AXE COP.

Okay, Sounds Good, But Would It Be Possible To Express The Appeal of AXE COP in Animated .GIF Form?