Everything You Need To Know About Milton, Archer’s Toast-Popping Copy Machine

On this week’s very special episode of Archer, entitled “Vision Quest,” everyone’s favorite vulgar and angry team of spies will find itself in its most compromising situation to date. Sterling Archer and his coworkers, now employed by the CIA, won’t be facing off against the douchebag cyborg Barry, nor will they be traveling to the bottom of the sea or a space station to take on an unknown nemesis. Instead, they’ll be stuck in a situation that will force them to do the one thing they probably never wanted to do – work with each other to get out of a tight spot. Specifically, they’ll be stuck in the elevator at their office.

In situations like these, however, new heroes must rise to the occasion and help their friends escape from what will certainly develop into a nasty case of tinnitus if Sterling doesn’t stop firing his gun like an A-hole. One possible hero this week is a new character that we met in this season’s premiere – Milton, the world’s most powerful toaster.

Let’s take a moment to get to know our new hero, shall we? The first fun fact that you should know about Archer’s adorable toaster is that he was named after this 1970 Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts TV commercial’s talking toaster:

Like most great works of living art, Milton had multiple designs before his creators settled on the version that we’ve come to know as television’s greatest toaster. Among them are these rejected prototypes that failed to produce the proper amount of toast needed to run the world’s most successful spy agency:

The designers later believed that Milton should be larger and more imposing, striking fear in the hearts of people who don’t necessarily like toast, which led to this design that was ultimately denied:

Do you know how much toast Milton is capable of producing in one hour? Enough. What can you do with the toast that Milton prepares? Butter it, perhaps adding various flavors of jam or jelly, depending on your wealth status. Does Milton simply produce white toast or is he capable of creating multigrain, wheat and sourdough toasts, among others? That information is classified. Does Milton have a drink preference that is essential for pairing with toast? Yes.

Finally, will Milton be the hero that rises up and saves Sterling, Lana, Pam, Dr. Krieger, Ray, Cyril and Cheryl/Carol from the elevator in tonight’s episode of Archer? You’ll have to watch to find out. Also, bring your own toast.