Here Are The 9 Pieces Of Evidence Being Re-Tested In The Making A Murderer Case

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11.24.16 3 Comments

Big developments are coming in case behind Netflix’s true crime documentary Making A Murderer. Last week we learned that Steven Avery’s post-conviction lawyer Kathleen Zellner and the State of Wisconsin had come to an agreement on what pieces of evidence from Avery’s trial could and could not be tested. Now we get to learn what exactly is on that list. While the actual Agreed Testing Order documents still haven’t made their way onto the internet due to Thanksgiving weekend, John Ferak of Post-Crescent / USA Today got his hands on it and here’s the nine pieces of evidence to be re-examined.

There are seven items of blood evidence pulled from murder victim Teresa Halbach’s Toyota RAV4, namely blood flakes under the central console, a blood stain on the driver’s seat, and a blood stain on the passenger seat. The flakes themselves and cuttings of the bloodstains will all go for testing. Then there are swabs of blood pulled from the RAV4 ignition area, the rear passenger’s door, and a CD case found in the front passenger seat. Last but not least, a swab used on the RAV4 hood latch that tested positive for Avery’s DNA will also be tested.

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