‘Fargo’ Showrunner Noah Hawley Gives The First Teeny, Tiny Teasers About The Season 3 Plot

Remember when everyone finally found out that the third season of Fargo would feature Ewan McGregor playing two non-identical brothers? Hopefully the answer is “yes,” because Entertainment Weekly only broke the official plot description for the hit FX series’ next entry a week and a half ago. Since then, everyone assumed any more details wouldn’t come for a while because, prior to McGregor’s casting announcement, all anyone knew was that new episodes would air sometime in 2017. Thankfully that’s no longer the case, because showrunner Noah Hawley has offered fans plenty of fresh teases about the next season’s plot.

Hawley shed some light on the sibling rivalry between Emmit and Ray Stussy, the two brothers McGregor will be playing, during an interview on Entertainment Weekly‘s radio show on SiriusXM. He revealed that, like the first and second seasons, season three will “start with a catalyst”:

“There is an old wound between them that sort of gets reopened and re-litigated, and that rivalry becomes contentious and that sort of puts all the events in motion. The fun soup of it is you have to have enough moving parts that everything is on a collision course, but which parts are going to collide? There’s this element of randomness to it, which I think adds to the truthiness of our fake true story. So, it starts with Ewan and Ewan as brothers. It’s not as big character-wise a story as the second year, but I’m really excited about it.”

Recall that, per the official plot description, the more successful Emmit is a “handsome, self-made, real estate mogul and family man” who’s known by locals as the “Parking Lot King of Minnesota.” Ray, meanwhile, is a “cautionary tale” who’s “balding, pot-bellied” and “the kind of guy who peaked in high school.” So aside from these all-too obvious indications of an intense sibling rivalry, if Fargo season three sets out to reopen and re-litigate a specific “old wound,” then it must be a helluva nasty gash.

Whether or not any of the Solversons will make an appearance in the 2010-set story remains to be seen. When asked about it, Hawley admitted the show “might drive by a couple on the road,” but didn’t guarantee audiences would “see any” of Lou’s kin.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)