‘Fatal Attraction’ Is Coming To Television As An Event Series For Fox

Glenn Close And Michael Douglas In 'Fatal Attraction'
Getty Image

If you were to rank the things television executives in 2015 love, the list would probably look something like this:

  1. Reboots/remakes/re-imaginings
  2. “Event series”
  3. Their family and friends
  4. Tacos (I mean, probably. Who doesn’t love tacos?)

Which means that this news, which feels like a surprise, probably shouldn’t be: Fox and Paramount are teaming up to bring a Fatal Attraction event series to television. According to Deadline, the series will be executive produced and written by Mad Men veterans Maria and Andre Jacquemetton, and will fall under the umbrella of Fox’s president of entertainment, David Madden, who “actually developed and supervised the original feature when he was an exec at Paramount.”

Not gonna lie: A big part of me hopes they don’t cast whatever hot young stars are steaming up the world’s metaphorical windshield, and just bring back Michael Douglas and Glenn Close to reprise their roles 20 years later. It would be so weird. Two 70-year-olds just tearing each other apart with lust. Ratings bonanza.

(Via Deadline)