The FCC Released A Bunch Of ‘Simpsons’-Related Indecency Complaints, And They Are Pretty Great

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This week, after a Freedom of Information Act Request by Government Attic, the FCC released the indecency complaints it received about The Simpsons from 2010-2013. The complaints are pretty great in the way all FCC complaints are pretty great. They provide a little window into the mind of the type of person who would get so enraged by something that happened on The Simpsons — On The Simpsons! Today! In 2013! — that it moved them to actually go through the trouble of filing a complaint. Your real life Flanderses and such.

But all of this brings up a point: How great must the complaints from the early years be? Like, back when the show was scandalous as hell and taking the world by storm. I bet they received literally thousands of complaints about the line “Eat my shorts” alone. God, I want to see those complaints. I want to see them so bad.

Until then, I suppose these will do.

Whale blown up by TNT:

I recently watched an episode of The Simpsons titled – The Squirt & The Whale. Which involved a beached whale getting blown up by tnt. I thought it was horrible and raw. Please stop showing stuff like that. Thanks.

Poop, pee, etc.

Language used was the concern. Talking about taking a poop, found this offensive. Another was having to take a pee, found offensive as well. Need to use better language as in the past when language was more pure.

Also, “toosh.”

One line was about whipping someone’s toosh.

This one almost sounds like a threat:

My complaint is an over all view of how the use of bad language, and nudity, have just been allowed to creep in. There are so many shows that allow this, it is hard to define them all. My question is what is wrong with the FCC? Do you allow your children to watch this kind of show? It is on at all times, and is spreading such an allowance message that there is no standard of decency anymore. Please pay more close attention to these low character type of shows. The damage is being done, and America will pay the consequences. I am 62 yrs. old, and know there doesn’t have to be such lanquage as this to have a good show. I really can’t believe how you have allowed the standards you are to supposed to uphold, fall so drastically. Thanks for listening.

It’s funny because it kind of sounds like the second sentence is the complaint:

A family cartoon show, Mr. Simpson was in his house totally nude & went outside naked while his neighbor was watering her grass. Then his wife ran out of the house trying to cover him with a towel.

People really hate nude Homer:

Homer Simpson is portraying in Playboy magazine & hires someone to take nude pictures of him while the children are outside the house. The children look thru the window & see him in different poses for the pictures. It?s pornography, a disgrace to make children think it?s ok to be on Playboy magazine.

“The next affront to my faith is…”

I found the shows portrayal of Ned Flanders as a mindless killer following the orders to kill people from Homer Simpsons transponder bible highly offensive. Further, the depiction of God as subservient to Satan is blasphemous and revolting to a true Christian believer. The “God” character referring to Satan as “the big guy downstairs” is highly~offensive. The next affront to my faith is hte depiction of God as a servant to Satan by giving Satan a cup of coffee. This is all the further I cared to watch this program. This depiction of Christianity has become a standby for “The Simpsons” and I find it highly offensive. Thank you for your time.

“… (happenings of a middle class family)…”

In the episode, Homer Simpson is imagining unpleasant things that could happen while being uninsured. Among the things Homer was also imagining was Marge Simpson having a lesbian kiss with another woman. This is a show which audiences from as young as 4 years old watch frequently. Because of its animated format and theme of the story (happenings of a middle class family), this is naturally accepted by many parents as an acceptable program for children. The image of Marge Simpson kissing another woman is indecent and the episode should be banned from broadcast to prevent children from seeing this.

Groin kicking:

On WZDX Fox54, the show “The Simpsons”, depicted a girl kicking Bart Simpson in the groin over and over and over, at least IO times, before he said “stop kicking me in the groin” and she replied “no groin, no krav magra” and then she resumed repeatedly kicking his genitals.

Groin kicking resulting in “sexual agony”:

On WZDX Fox54, the show “The Simpsons”, depicted Lisa Simpson kicking Bart Simpson in the groin leaving him lying on the floor in sexual agony.

This one isn’t even about The Simpsons, technically. It is still my favorite by a mile, because (a) it takes a hard left turn at the midway point, and (b) “barley covered vagina.”

a commercial for shick razor blades came on during the it the show a young girl in her underwear with her legs propped open so there is a crotch shot done on a female in her barley covered vagina WHICH IS VERY LEWD,DISGUSTING AND PORNOGRAPHIC!the camera focused on her barely covered vaginal area for a while and that part of the shick commercial had nothing to do with razors and will not sell any more razors for schick. we are tired of all the female nudity allowed on t.v. all of the time when female nudity is publically aired on tv it is never a mistake because you never see any male nudity on tv!IF THE MALE PENIS AND MALE NUDITY AND THE MALE PENIAL AREA CAN NEVER BE SHOWN ON NON-CABLE TV THEN WOMEN’S VAGINAS&WOMEN NUDITY& WOMEN VAGINAL AREAS SHOULD NEVER BE AIRED ON NON-CABLE TV AT ANY TIME AT ALL NEVER NO MATTER HOW MANY BRIBES THE FCC IS TAKING IN ORDER TO ALLOW FEMALE NUDITY,FEMALE CROTCH SHOTS AND FEMALE VAGINAL AREAS TO BE AIRED ON NON-CABLE TV!

Good points, all.

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