This Week’s ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Highlights And The Mystery Of The Big Bad’s Fate

After three-consecutive strong episodes of Fear the Walking Dead, the series took a step back this week with “Captive.” It wasn’t a bad episode; in fact, the storyline was engaging. We saw the return of Alex; we saw Alicia hoodwink Jack and escape from Connor along with Travis; and we saw a fairly clever attempt at a prisoner exchange. Unfortunately, the episode was poorly executed, riddled with bad decisions, and frustratingly lacking in logic.

I suspect, however, that the series had to pull some punches in the episode, so to speak, to keep the Connor storyline alive until the midseason finale. Here were the highlights and the lowlights of last night’s episode.

Where have we seen Connor before?

Connor is played by Mark Kelly, who — believe it or not — played Dale, this guy on Mad Men. A good beard changes everything.

Line of the Night

“In my time, I’ve known men who inspire fear. Do you know what they have in common? They never say how frightening they are.” Ruben Blades — eight-time Grammy winning Panamanian singer — as Daniel Salazar delivering a truth bomb to Reed, who didn’t have a shot in hell of surviving that crowbar in his gut. Way to take the sting out of a three-minute monologue and put that dying dude in his place.

Bizarre Directing Choice of the Night

Did Luis not think that the guy named Daniel Salazar with the Spanish accent wouldn’t understand Spanish? What is even going on here?! What was the thought process in writing this scene? The side-eye that Salazar gave the camera suggested to the audience that Luis wasn’t pulling a fast one over on Salazar because he understood the language, but it’s absurd to think that Luis didn’t know that Salazar understood the language in the first place.

The Inexplicable Story Point of the Night

What is Luis’ obsession with money? He’s worried, because he only brought enough money for two people to sneak into Mexico with him. First of all, doesn’t his boss, Thomas Abigail, have millions of dollars? Why couldn’t he have brought a few extra hundred dollar bills just in case? Second, and most importantly, is there any country that gives a damn about currency? There’s a global zombie epidemic. They’re in an apocalypse. What good does money possibly do anyone? If Mexico is still using money, that must mean they still have a functioning economy, and if they have a functioning economy, then the virus must not have yet spread widely into Mexico, which I find to be hard to imagine if San Diego has been overrun.