Here’s Everything We Know So Far About The ‘Walking Dead’ Spinoff

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03.10.15 31 Comments
1. There’s still no official title to the series. However, it’s working under the name Cobalt, and at one point, a pilot script leaked, indicating that either the pilot episode’s title was “Fear the Walking Dead,” or the show itself is called Fear the Walking Dead. AMC also labeled this photo “Fear the Walking Dead.”

2. The show will be set in Los Angeles instead of the East Coast.

3. According to Robert Kirkman, who co-wrote the pilot with showrunner Dave Erickson, the “companion series” has no relation whatsoever to Kirkman’s graphic novels. “For the TV spin-off, I’m coming up with that stuff. It’s unrelated to the comics. What’s happening in issue 127 is in no way connected to the spin-off TV show.”

4. The show will debut this summer, and like the original The Walking Dead, the first season will only be six episodes. However, the series has already been picked up for a second season, which will premiere sometime in 2016.

5. The companion series will operate as a kind of prequel to The Walking Dead. It begins during the time that Rick is in a coma on the parent series, which is to say that we will see the origins of the outbreak. According to a leaked pilot script, there will be a lot of chaos and confusion surrounding what exactly the outbreak is, and attempts to contain. The CDC will deny that it’s a zombie infestation, though it will become apparent that that’s exactly what it is. We may also find out the exact origin of the outbreak, which theoretically could offer clues as to how The Walking Dead characters might someday be able to eradicate it.

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