‘Fear The Walking Dead’ May Have Offered A Big Clue About Where Rick Grimes Is Now


We will break down the full episode of this week’s Fear the Walking Dead in the morning, but first, we’d like to break out exactly all of what we learned about the helicopter people in “The End of Everything.” The episode returned us back to Althea’s abduction and showed us where she’s been as Morgan and Co. dealt with other matters over the last three episodes.

Althea spent much of the last couple of days tied up, although she ended up developing something akin to Stockholm Syndrome with her captor, Isabel, with whom Althea developed some feelings, which Isabel eventually reciprocated. Isabel belongs to the mysterious organization tied to the helicopters with the three-ringed symbols, the very same helicopters that picked up Rick last season on The Walking Dead.

Unfortunately, Isabel was also very mum about her organization. She said that she landed where she did to collect materials for “water purification,” which she expected to retrieve from the nuclear power plant. Beyond that, she was adamant about retrieving a videotape that Althea recorded of the materials she collected from the other member of her organization, which appears to be called CRM. It was very important to Isabel that no information about her organization get out, so important in fact that she very nearly killed Althea to ensure that she wouldn’t speak. In fact, Isabel was prepared to die herself rather than allow any information about her organization leak out.

We know that her organization apparently has many members — they were prepared to send a “reclamation team” to retrieve Isabel. Isabel also had a map, which contained important details, but they were not shared. She also told Althea that her organization was a “force who are not living for themselves, or for now.” Whatever they are engaged in, it’s designed to ensure the continuation of the human species. Isabel’s job “matters more than people’s lives,” she said. In fact, Isabel killed her partner and friend, Beckett, to protect the secrets of her organization.

She wouldn’t say where she’s from or what the place she’s working for is called, but she did say, “It’s bigger than me. It’s bigger than you. It’s the future.” It has something to do with rebuilding for the future. That’s basically it, other than the fact that wherever she comes from makes decent beer.

It sounds like the origins for The Commonwealth, the 50,000 person community that appears in The Walking Dead comics. with advanced equipment, different settlements, and even its own army. One additional indication that Isabel is from The Commonwealth is the outfit she wears, which looks like a potential precursor to the outfits worn by soldiers in The Commonwealth.



The color is different, obviously, but both Isabel and Commonwealth soldiers wear masks, body armor, and carry similar assault weapons — the style of dress is unique to the Commonwealth soldiers in the comics. If it is The Commonwealth, which is located in Ohio, it suggests that’s where Rick is. The helicopter has been trying to recruits “A’s” as leaders in their community-of-the-future, which might be why Jadis tried to trade them Negan and why they eventually picked up Rick. They’re trying to select certain types of people for their community. Moreover, in The Commonwealth, people are placed in their jobs according to the jobs they did before the apocalypse, with a “high class” and a “low class.” “A’s” may refer to high class, while “B’s” may refer to low class jobs.

All of this, of course, suggests that the Rick Grimes is likely in Ohio, and that the movies may very well be about his time in The Commonwealth, culminating in his actual death. We’ll keep you posted.