The Helicopter Timeline On ‘The Walking Dead’ And ‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ Explained


As The Walking Dead universe continues to expand, the storylines also seem to be converging, potentially around the helicopter people and Rick Grimes, who exited The Walking Dead in the fifth episode of the ninth season. Rick is currently on one timeline; Fear the Walking Dead is on another; and The Walking Dead is on yet another (and we don’t even know where the second spin-off, currently filming in Virginia, sits on the timeline). So, let’s take a quick look at where each of the shows is in their respective timelines, hitting only the highlights pertinent to the current state of each series.

Day 0: The outbreak begins on Fear the Walking Dead in Los Angeles.

Day 59: Rick wakes up from his coma on The Walking Dead.

Day 64: The dam blows in Mexico up at the end of season three on Fear the Walking Dead.

Day 598: Negan kills Abraham and Glenn.

Day 625: Jadis attempts and fails to trade Negan to the helicopter people.


Day 628: The All-Out war ends on The Walking Dead, and Morgan begins walking toward Texas. Dwight also heads to Texas.

Day 794: Morgan arrives in Texas and meets John Dorie on Fear the Walking Dead

Day 956: Dwight meets John, June, and Morgan in Texas. The helicopter people have picked up Althea.


Day 1,207: Rick blows up the bridge on The Walking Dead and is picked up by the helicopter people.

Day 3500: It’s the end of season 9 on The Walking Dead. Alpha and Beta have killed several The Walking Dead characters, the Kingdom has fallen, and a voice (perhaps from the helicopter people) on the radio can be heard after Ezekiel and Judith have a conversation.

As it stands at the moment, Jadis was interacting with the helicopter people at least a year before they were spotted in Texas on Fear the Walking Dead. The helicopter people were spotted on Fear the Walking Dead about 8 months before they pick up Rick on The Walking Dead. Meanwhile, Michonne and Daryl are currently about six years beyond Rick’s exit and almost seven years ahead of Fear the Walking Dead.

We’re not sure when the Rick Grimes movies will take place, however. My guess is that, after the helicopter people leave Fear, they will pick up Rick eight months later, and he will find a new home with the helicopter people between Days 1,207 and 3,500. Maybe he escapes after Day 3500 and reunites with Michonne in the second Rick Grimes movie, and the third Rick Grimes movie may reunite everyone at the Commonwealth, culminating in the death of Rick Grimes.

Tune into this week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, where we will learn some more about the helicopter people.

Timeline Sources: The Walking Dead Wiki