First Look ‘Walking Dead’ Season 5: What’s The Riot Protocol If Daryl Dixon Is Bound And Gagged?

We as a nation have come to an understanding over the last four seasons of The Walking Dead, and it is this: If Daryl Dies, We Riot. This is not in dispute. If Robert Kirkman or AMC decides to rid The Walking Dead of its most popular character, the 28 million of us who watch The Walking Dead each week will remove ourselves from our couches, pick up our pitchforks, and make our way to Georgia, where we will riot until such time as AMC and the powers that be figure out a believable way to permanently resurrect Daryl Dixon without straining credulity or turning him into a zombie.

This is the unilateral contract we have made with AMC. AMC agrees not to kill off Daryl Dixon, and we agree to continue watching the series. Killing off Daryl would, in fact, represent a breach of that contract. We can only be made whole again by either specific performance, or a riot on the set of The Walking Dead or approximate property therein.

However, a new image released by AMC exclusive to Entertainment Weekly asks a different question: What is the protocol on binding and gagging Daryl?

This certainly represents the threat of death. Should we reciprocate by threatening to riot? Register a complaint? Start a riot petition?

Or does this threat cross over into a pseudo-breach? The attempted murder of a character? After all, the fifth season premiere is still two or three months away, and yet AMC is dangling a potential Daryl Dixon death in our faces. Is this considered intentional infliction of emotional distress. Or cruel and unusual punishment? And if so, does it rise to the level of a riot? Even a low-level one, in which we mill about the set of The Walking Dead with large sticks and mutter while getting autographs from the rest of the cast? Cause that’d be pretty cool, actually.

I’d do some golfing with Maggie, I think.

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Source: EW