Fox Continues Its British Invasion By Ordering A Pilot For A ‘Luther’ Adaptation

Fans eagerly await further news of the prequel movie promised by Luther creator Neil Cross and star Idris Elba. Until then, the American adaptation of the hit British television show will just have to do. That is, if it makes it past the pilot stage.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ever-cognizant executives at Fox have ordered a pilot from Cross, Elba, and the BBC producing team behind the hit series. It seems Fox loves all things British now, what with the network’s crime drama Gracepoint – an adaptation of the BBC’s Broadchurch – currently airing on Thursdays. They didn’t even try to hide the legally-approved copy-and-past when they hired original star David Tennant to play the same exact character.

Will the same thing happen to Luther? Will Elba adopt an American accent, go full meta, and play himself playing a character he’s already played in a different show on another network? So far, it appears Elba will serve only as executive producer. I sincerely hope this doesn’t change. Then again, I’d rather him and Cross see the error of their ways and abandon the project outright. Maybe Elba is a fan of Firefly and The Tick.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter