Fox Released 5 Minutes Of The ‘Simpsons’/’Family Guy’ Crossover And It Looks As Expected

If you’re dying to see what it will be like when Family Guy meets The Simpsons, Fox has released an exclusive teaser for the episode over at Entertainment Weekly. It’s straight from the Family Guy panel at Comic-Con and it’s pretty much what you’d expect from your normal episode of either series.

There’s Bart hanging with Stewie, Homer and Peter Griffin having Family Guy-esque cutaway gags (and making fun of them in the process), and a massive fight that tried to top of all of those previous chicken fights.

There’s even that extra special cameo we mentioned, the one you can get a taste of above, but it certainly doesn’t end there for the surprises. If anything, I’d say this five-minute clip stuffs too much into it all. How are you going to fill an entire hour with this stuff?

Even though I’ve grown to dislike both where they are currently in their respective runs, I still think this will be good. It isn’t a popular opinion, but I feel like they have nothing to lose and it can be a love letter to positive aspects about both shows. Or it can suck, horribly.

Check the clip out over at EW for now and when it is made embeddable for the rest of us peons, it will be posted here for your viewing pleasure.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)