Fox Renewed 'New Girl' And 'The Following,' But Not 'Glee,' Yet

03.04.13 35 Comments

Not exactly a huge surprise, but Fox announced this afternoon that they renewed The Following, along with comedies New Girl, The Mindy Project, and Raising Hope. LET’S TALK NUMBERS.

All the shows Fox picked up today were considered likely to return, though the recent numbers for Raising Hope and Mindy Project are below the levels that Fox would have likely found acceptable a year or two ago. The Following has averaged 11.7 million viewers and a 4.0 rating among adults 18-9 when including seven days of DVR playback. New Girl has averaged 6.4 million viewers and 3.5 rating; Mindy Project has 4 million and a 2.1 rating; Raising Hope has 4.5 million and a 2.0 rating. Fox will continue its cable-sized-seasons strategy with The Following, ordering another 15 episodes instead of the usual 22-episode full season. [EW]

Not on the pick-up list yet: Glee, although it is expected to return once Fox and the studio hammer out their negotiations. In fact, I probably shouldn’t have even insinuated that it might not get picked up in the headline of this post. Kind of misleading, huh? Welp, too late too change it now, I guess. I’ll just have to suffer through all those erroneous page views from angry people hoping/fearing that Glee was getting canceled. We all have our burdens to bear.

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