Fox To Adapt Aussie Hacker Drama ‘The Code’ With ‘Justifed’ Creator Graham Yost

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Fox is looking to get into the hacker drama game and they’ve tapped a sizable chunk of Justified‘s behind-the-scenes players to make it happen.

Deadline reports that Fox (the network that brought you Ask Harriet!) has given a script commitment “with significant penalty” to an adaptation of the Aussie political thriller The Code from Justified creator/exec producer Graham Yost and fellow show EPs Michael Dinner and Fred Golan. Dinner is in place to direct a potential pilot for the would-be series with Yost and Golan tackling script duties.

The Call is a bit of a big deal over in Australia. The series (which is only six episodes deep so far) picked up ten nominations and won a fair share of prizes at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards. If Yahoo Serious has taught us anything, it’s always good to get on the Down Under bandwagon early.

Here’s a description of the program as sorted out by Deadline:

The Code is based on the well received Australian series of the same name. It tells the story of two very different brothers, a journalist and a hacker, who unearth information that those at the highest levels of political power will kill to keep secret.

Graham Yost has been pretty good to Fox’s cable offspring, FX, so it’s not too startling to see him get the nod in this scenario. In addition to his work on the critically gushed over (and now departed) series Justified, he also helped shepherd Joe Weisberg’s ’80s Cold War thriller The Americans into existence at the same cable outlet.

(Via Deadline)