'Franklin & Bash' Season Finale Recap: The Bros Save The Day By Partying

08.15.12 5 Comments

Bros. BROS.

It has been a while since I dropped in here to talk to all of you about Franklin & Bash aka Dr. Frankenbash, Esquire aka Bros On Parade and I apologize for that but it is also not my fault because the show was all “We are going to have less sluts and parties and beer crushing this year because we are more serious now” and I was like “THIS IS THE WEAKEST OF SAUCE, BROS.” But last night was the Season 2 finale and even though there still weren’t lots of witnesses with big huge boobs and/or legal problems involving hot tubs there was still DRAMA AFOOT and DASTARDLY DEEDS and also LESBIAN AFFAIRS so it wasn’t all bad I suppose and it is my duty as a very professional television critic to tell you about them and wrap up the season.

Before I start the discussion though I think it would help if I got you caught on everything that has happened since my last recap: Franklin & Bash won a bunch of cases and one time Franklin shot Bash in the balls with a t-shirt cannon which is MAXIMUM LOLS. OK now that you are caught up we can discuss the finale, featuring the one bro from American Pie and double crosses and the bros saving the day AS EXPECTED.

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