'Franklin & Bash' Has A Premiere Date, Will Follow 'Rizzoli & Isles'

Bros. BROS.

I hope you are sitting down or laying in bed with some sluts because I have good news and THE BEST NEWS about the world’s greatest legal team. First the good news: There is a new promo video for “Franklin & Bash” aka “Road Trip Bro and Zack Morris” aka “BROsom Buddies” aka “Dude, Beer Pong? Yeah, Sure,” and the video says that the second season premieres on June 5 at 10 p.m. which is great because June 5 is only like two months away which is still a little long (LIKE MY DEEEEEEEEEE) to wait but it is way better than when we had to wait a whole year and also it will be warm by then and my boy Brayden’s dad owns a dealership and he bought us A SICK HOT TUB so we’re gonna set the TV up out on the patio and watch it from the ‘cuzzi with those Hooters waitresses Becky and Lindsey and we heard one time they got drunk and boned half the golf team so YOU KNOW it’s gonna be one-way trip to Stinkyjunk Corral.

And the GREAT NEWS, speaking of boning chicks that work together, is that FRANKS AND BISHY ARE GONNA NAIL SOME LADYCOPS! I mean, they’re just doing speed dating in this promo because “Franklin & Bash” is gonna follow “Rizzoli & Isles” this summer but YOU KNOW HOW THIS ENDS, BROS. They’ll start out all “Oh, whatever, leave us alone” but then you buy them a couple umbrella drinks and then they’ll be like “Wow these drinks are good, what’s in them?” and they won’t know the drinks are loaded with booze and then next thing you know everybody’s playing strip flip cup on the roof and that is a GUARANTEED DEAL SEALER, BROS. Ladycops or not, bros always close.

via HuffPo