Franklin Delano Bluth Is Returning To ‘Arrested Development’

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08.07.13 12 Comments

Franklin Delano Bluth

Now the story of a wealthy puppet who lost everything when Arrested Development went off the air in 2006, and the one and the same puppet who had no choice but to keep turning down a starring role on Doctor Who so he could make his grand return during season five. It’s: Franklin Delano Bluth’s Arrested Development.

During an appearance on the Empire Film Podcast [yesterday], Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz talked a little about the future of the show. [He discussed one] character who was conspicuously absent from the new season of Arrested Development: Gob’s puppet Franklin. Here’s Hurwitz talking about plans for more Franklin appearances: “We did have a Franklin plot. It’s still yet to come. There’s two big absences in the show. One is Franklin and one is the banana stand. And I didn’t realize the marketing was gonna be so banana stand-heavy … Franklin, we just didn’t get him in there, but we have a plot for him.” (Via)

President Obamacare is ready for Franklin Comes Alive: The Passion of the FREAK BITCH. Are you?

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