Fred Savage Is Returning To Acting Alongside Rob Lowe In A New Fox Comedy

10th Annual CineYouth Festival Hosted By Fred Savage
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After The Wonder Years ended, Fred Savage bounced around to a few different sitcoms before stepping behind the camera, where he’s spent the past decade directing some of our favorite comedies like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Happy Endings, and Party Down. He’s giving this acting thing another go, however, in a new single camera comedy on Fox called The Grinders. The series stars Rob Lowe as “beloved TV lawyer” Dean Sanderson (nicknamed “The Grinder”) who moves back to his hometown hoping to take over his family’s law firm after his popular series comes to an end.

That sounds like literally the perfect role for Rob Lowe. As to Fred Savage’s involvement, the Hollywood Reporter has details on his character:

Savage will play Stewart Sanderson, Dean’s hardworking younger brother who is constantly in his shadow. When Dean returns home looking for a new direction in life, everyone is dazzled by his charm and celebrity except Stewart, whose nerves are quickly fraying. When Dean preempts an eviction case and makes it a cause celebre, Stewart is outraged by his effrontery.

Has potential, for sure. After all this time out of the spotlight and focusing on other areas in the entertainment industry, I have a feeling Fred Savage wouldn’t return to acting unless something sounded pretty damn promising. I’m just going to let Fred Savage’s instincts lead the way.