Fresh From Being Busted Smoking Weed, Justin Bieber Will Host 'SNL'

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01.08.13 15 Comments

Busy week for pothead Beebs. First, he took the first step toward becoming the top Google Image result for “crackhead” by being busted smoking weed. Then, a 4chan stunt with his name on it made his fans (not) cut their wrists, even though it was obvious the whole thing was a hoax and I’m not sure why people were so pearl-clutched about it. Now, if the hashtag had been #uncut4bieber, I would have believed it. Kids these days, they don’t know how to go out there and have some good, clean, uncircumcised fun. But I digress…Now, after much speculation, he’s hosting SNL.

Pop star Justin Bieber will host and perform as musical guest on the Feb. 9 Saturday Night Live, Billboard reports. On Twitter Monday, the teen dream coyly hinted at his upcoming late-night gig, tweeting, “Maybe [I’m] hosting and performing on SNL…maybe.” (Via)

Remember when Louis C.K. hosted SNL last year? Yeah. Here’s a typical Bieber fan:

Now I’m not saying Beliebers are silly and misguided, but…OMG JENNIFER LAWRENCE IF YOU DON’T SHOW YOUR BEWBS I’M DEAD. Phew, it feels good to finally get that out. #boobs

(Via TV Line)

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