Friday TV Conversation: So What Do You Want Out of A Series Finale?

08.29.14 4 years ago 69 Comments


Big week. First we found out Tony didn’t die in the closing moments of The Sopranos, then we all fought about, then David Chase put out a statement saying his words were “misconstrued” and that he still hasn’t answered the question, then we all fought about it some more. How very Internet of us.

The discussion got me thinking, though, and that brings us to this week’s discussion question: What do you want (or not want) out of a series finale? Be as generic (closure, bloodshed, seeing good characters rewarded and bad characters punished) or as specific (“Here’s how I would have fixed Lost“) as you like. Cite good examples and bad examples. Say a few things you’d like to see in upcoming series finale, like the ones in 2015 for Parks & Rec or Mad Men. Explain why you liked a finale most people seemed to hate, or vice versa. Make your case however you like. Different people want different things out of their entertainment, so let’s all air it out and see if we can’t understand each other a little better by the end.

As for me, I just think more beloved television shows should end with extended fantasy sequences and the line “Fade to black. Audience goes f*cking apeshit.” All I’ve ever asked, really.

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