The Funniest 'Scary Name' From Every 'Treehouse Of Horror' Episode Of 'The Simpsons'

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10.25.13 10 Comments
homer scary names

I don’t know who decided that everyone on Twitter has to edit their name to say something “spooky” for Halloween, but: stop it’s confusing, and SIMPSONS DID IT. The “scary name” change has been a trademark of the show since the second installment of the Treehouse of Horror series, courtesy of a suggestion from producer Al Jean, when Homer bought a cursed monkey’s paw in 1991. (It was retired for “Treehouse of Horror XII” and “Treehouse of Horror XIII,” but fans revolted and it’s been a staple ever since.) The quality of The Simpsons may have dipped since the early 1990s, but the opening and closing “Treehouse” credits get better and better every year.

Here’s the best “scary name” change for every episode.

Treehouse of Horror II

treehouse of horror 2

Treehouse of Horror III

treehouse of horror 3

Treehouse of Horror IV

treehouse of horror 4

Treehouse of Horror V

treehouse of horror v

Treehouse of Horror VI

treehouse of horror 6

Treehouse of Horror VII

treehouse of horror 7

Treehouse of Horror VIII

treehouse of horror 8

Treehouse of Horror IX

treehouse of horror 9

Treehouse of Horror X

treehouse horror 10

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