The Dragons On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Are Supposedly Going To Be The Size Of Dang 747s This Year

With every passing season of Game of Thrones, Daenerys’ trio of dragons, Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion, gradually grow bigger and bigger. They started off about the size of birds, perched on her shoulder after hatching in Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre, and by the end of the fifth season they were big enough that the Mother of Dragons was able to be carried away right on Drogon’s back.

And apparently, they’re still not yet finished growing! When Thrones returns for its seventh season in July, we’ll see bigger dragons than we’ve ever seen before — as Daenerys makes her way to Westeros with her loyal beasts at her side. Just how big are we talking? In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Matt Shankman claims that they’ll be the size of frigging 747s, and Drogon — the biggest of them all — will boast a flame 30 feet in diameter!

Shankman is one of four directors helming next season (the others are GoT vets Alan Taylor, Jeremy Podeswa, and Mark Mylod). He was probably being at least somewhat approximate when comparing the dragons to the venerable Boeing airliner. But for reference, a 747 is about 230 feet long with a 210 feet wingspan. So, really big.

EW also points out that with this much firepower, a dragon attack will likely look very differently than it has in past seasons — think grand-scale decimation. In other words, enough to make Cersei’s wildfire stunt last season look like nothing more than a parlor trick.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)