‘Game Of Thrones’ Author George R. R. Martin Explains Why His Next Book Has Taken So Long

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Anytime author George R. R. Martin is seen somewhere, we’re assuming a good portion of his readers get angry. Shouldn’t he be sitting in a room somewhere, by his lonesome, finishing The Winds of Winter, the long-promised sixth book in his A Song of Ice and Fire cycle?

Yet there Martin was, at the Emmys, basking in the glory of Game of Thrones winning still more trophies. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with him at the ceremony, where they wound up talking about how he at least skipped set visits during the show’s final season in order to find more writing time.

“Going to set is a lot of fun but there’s nothing for me to do there, so I thought I better stay home and not go to Croatia; or Spain; or Belfast, Ireland,” the author told THR. “I still have two books to write.”

Indeed he does.

When asked how his writing was going, he replied, “I’m working on [The Winds of Winter], and I wish I’d been done four years ago, but I’m slow and the book is very complex, although there are a lot of great distractions out there.”

Among those distractions were various Emmys after parties, which he attended, rather than go straight back to the hotel and bang out another 20 pages or so. Doesn’t he realize A Dance with Dragons, the previous installment, came out in 2011? In fact, it hit stores a mere three months after the HBO hit’s very first episode, meaning the process of writing of the next book has a good chance of lasting longer than the show based on his books spanned its entire television run.

(Via THR)