‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Jason Momoa Apologizes For A Rape Joke He Made In 2011

In the social media age, nothing is ever forgotten, which Jason Momoa learned the hard way on Thursday. A clip from Comic-Con 2011 resurfaced on Twitter, which featured the Game of Thrones star saying that he loved the fantasy genre “because there are so many things you can do, like rip someone’s tongue out of their throat and get away with it and rape beautiful women” to the raucous laughter of the crowd.

In the wake of the horrifying allegations of rape and sexual abuse leveled against Harvey Weinstein, people have been calling on members of Hollywood to stand up to the system that has silenced and abused women for decades. With that in mind, Momoa was quick to issue an apology for the old joke on Instagram.

“I awoke in Australia to the justified reactions by many people to a distasteful joke I made years ago in Hall H for which I am sorry. I am still severely disappointed in myself at the insensitivity of my remarks that day. I know my sincerest apology now won’t take away those hurtful words. Rape and sexual harassment can reach anyone and I have seen first hand its painful torment among members of my own family and friends.

I made a truly tasteless comment. It is unacceptable and I sincerely apologize with a heavy heart for the words I said.”

(H/T Indiewire)