Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Has A Great Idea For A ‘Game Of Thrones Spinoff About Jaime And Bronn

The worldwide phenomenon that is Game of Thrones ended its sixth season on Sunday in explosive fashion, which means fans have a long, hard year of no Thrones ahead of them until it returns next April. (“Winter is coming” definitely refers to the nine months every year we have to live without this show.) Even when it does come back for a seventh season it will be a bittersweet return, as the showrunners and HBO have heavily hinted that the show will end after its eighth year. Which means that there are only 15 to 20 episodes left before one of the most successful fantasy shows of all time ends for good and everyone has to go back to reading books like a bunch of nerds.

Fortunately, the impending end of one of our favorite shows also provides endless opportunities to make up potential spinoffs that can carry on with whomever survives the next few years in an increasingly dangerous Westeros. Which, if we’re being honest, only leaves about four legitimate characters to craft future show ideas with (we hardly knew ye, Rickon Stark). Luckily, blonde hotness himself Nikolaj Coster-Waldau AKA Jaime Lannister AKA the one-handed Kingslayer has some ideas to contribute.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Coster-Waldau is asked about the possibility of spinoffs in the future, and he comes prepared with some good ones. The most probable spinoff is definitely Jaime and Bronn riding through the seven kingdoms and having a grand old time. It is likely mostly because they already spent time together on the rollicking road to Dorne to save Myrcella (a complete fail of a mission, by the way) so the set up is practically built into the show. Whether or not they were actually an effective team as partners is besides the point because just having a sarcastic sellsword and a bitter Lannister together is a recipe for success.

Even better, Coster-Waldau wants to get Jaime and Brienne back together as well. Instead of Jaime being her prisoner though, they would be roommates. The working title is Heartslayer which is basically perfect. J
As Nikolaj put it,

“The Heartslayer”! Yeah, why not. But it has to be a sitcom, though, and it has to have a laugh track. Then I would do it in a heartbeat. I thought we’d have a season where we just did the whole thing in a cabaret. Varys would be the owner of the club, because I know Conleth Hill would be amazing at that. And we’d all come in and do little things. Last year we did a Coldplay musical. I thought that was the finest moment we had.

A sitcom with Brienne and Jaime sounds like just the right medicine. Complete with cheek shenanigans and multiple moments where they come very close to making out before Podrick comes rushing in with a problem to be solved. The cabaret idea isn’t terrible, but it can only be done if they incorporate a remixed “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” at some point. All of these ideas sound marvelous, and now that one of the main actors has the ball rolling a group of producers can pick up the thread from here and make some magic. Don’t just dangle an idea like this in front of our Jaime Lannister-loving faces and then leave us in the lurch.

(via The New York Times)