HBO Max Has Fixed One Of The Biggest Issues With The Final Season Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

As you might have heard, Game of Thrones had a lot of issues in its final season, from pacing to character motivation to the episodes being too dang dark. “The Long Night,” in particular, was dubbed “one of the most expensive missed opportunities in the history of television” due to how difficult it was to follow the action. Excuses were made, with director Miguel Sapochnik explaining the darkness was an intentional choice to mimic the “feeling of claustrophobia, anxiety, and at times frustration” that the characters were facing. But the only frustration most viewers felt was from having to squint.

It might be worth checking out “The Long Night” again, or maybe even a full series re-watch: every episode of Game of Thrones (including the good ones!) has been remastered on HBO Max ahead of the August 21st premiere of House of the Dragon.

Tom’s Guide reports that “HBO Max added the entirety of Thrones in 4K UHD quality. And it’s not just sharp, either. The seasons are presented in HDR 10, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos. That means you’ll see all eight seasons of Thrones with high contrast and strong colors. And it’ll sound immersive.” (The 4K-quality episodes are not available to stream on every device, including PS5s for some reason, but you can find the list here.)

That should help the too-dark issue. Daenerys going full girlboss? That’s a tougher fix.

(Via Tom’s Guide)