Fans Are Starting To Think George R.R. Martin Has Finished ‘Winds Of Winter’ In Secret

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It’s been over ten years since George R. R. Martin announced The Winds of Winter and what could be the final book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series: A Dream of Spring. It’s been over six years since Martin shared a sample chapter of The Winds of Winter and said he would need roughly three years of writing at a good pace to finish what could be the penultimate book in his landmark series. Now we’re over a year removed from the show moving past the books.

This has led to pages and pages of internet speculation and questioning of what Martin is doing with his time. Some have even gone so far as to wonder if the 68-year-old author will live to finish the books (which was met by a hearty “f*ck you” from Martin). Fans are upset that Martin spent time writing episodes of Game of Thrones, editing anthologies and writing short stories (about the SOIAF universe) when he should be finishing the book series that put him on the map.

Now they think he might be finished, and has been for a while. When you look at the evidence, it kind of makes sense.

Twitter personality and Redditor BryndenBFish has been following the production of the books for years. He noticed that Martin’s latest Live Journal post, always a source of speculation on the state of the latest book (the breakdown of how New York football teams affect GRRM’s writing is impossible to deny), shows Martin in a good mood and taking on more projects while stating: “I’ve been working so much of late that I have fallen way behind in my reading (sob) and my filmgoing…”

Vanity Fair’s Joanna Robinson took it a step further and explains that Martin went dark over the last few years, skipping out on writing for the Game of Thrones TV series and most public appearances to “focus on writing Winds of Winter.” But now, Martin just announced that he’ll be executive producing the TV adaptation of sci-fi book Who Fears Death in addition to consulting on the five (5!!!) Game of Thrones spin-off shows HBO has in the works.

In other words, GRRM has some time on his hands. Why does he have time? Maybe because he’s done with Winds of Winter. Maybe, just maybe, the guy was sick of people constantly questioning what he was doing, and went on and finished A Dream of Spring as well. Or is at least deep into it.

(Via Vanity Fair)