George R.R. Martin Is Sitting Out The Next Season Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

You can all stop crying about George R.R. Martin finishing up the next book in the A Song Of Ice And Fire series, he’s taking steps to make sure it gets done. The author will be taking the next season of Game Of Thrones off to work on and finish The Winds Of Winter. From Vulture:

Which shooting location are you going to choose to visit this season? Seems like a tough one since you’ve added another warm, exotic locale to the list, with Spain subbing in for Dorne.
I don’t know. I might make it over there early next year, but I’ve got to finish the book The Winds of Winter. So I’m making the trips I’m already obligated to make, but I’m not adding any new trips at this time. So I don’t think I’m going to do a set visit this year, sadly.

Are you still going to write an episode?
Not this year, no — once again because I have this book to finish.

Bummer, but I say take as much time as you want!

Well, thank you, don’t say that in public — they’ll rip the arms off you. [Laughs.]

I gotta say, I kinda liked it when he wasn’t writing the books. I liked seeing him pop up all around, having fun and enjoying all the stuff he’s created (and killed) to this point.

I’m well aware that there is no Game of Thrones if he doesn’t write the books. I just kinda preferred when he was giving people the finger about it all as opposed to actually working. Give me some more of that science fiction you’re working on, George! Screw Westeros.

(Via Vulture)