George R.R. Martin Promises He’s Working On ‘Winds Of Winter,’ Posts An Excerpt

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03.27.14 9 Comments

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No, guys! Really. George R.R. Martin is totally working on Winds of Winter. No. He’s not just doing promotion. No, he’s not just watching Game of Thrones porn parodies. No, he’s not just hanging out in his new movie theater, crapping on Damon Lindelof, smashing guitars, defending HBO on his blog, developing new shows, complaining about the Jets, or reading nursery rhymes.

In between all of those other activities, he has managed to squeeze out a few words, like this passage from Winds of Winter and a new excerpt he’s posted to his own website (you may have to check back a few times, because the surge in traffic keeps crashing the site). It does also contain spoilers if you’re not caught up on the books. But he’s writing! At the very least, he has two excerpts from the novel already!

I do hope he finishes, and doesn’t just let some screenwriters wrap it up with a movie. The problem with not finishing, of course, is that if he doesn’t, then A Song of Ice and Fire is not entirely his anymore, and that’s a sad prospect.

Plus, we should always remember this:

(p.s. The date on it says January 2013, although it just went up, so that’s a head scratcher.)

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