Get To The Bottom Of What That Smell Is In Part Two Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Bad Lip Reading

We shared part one a few weeks back, but now we’re right on the eve of another premiere for The Walking Dead. Season five to be exact, full of questions to be answered and zombies to kill. Before that though, we need to take a look at the hilarious part two of Bad Lip Reading’s look back at the last season of the show.

Where the first one devoted plenty of time to Carl’s Rap, this one keeps it basic and expected. Something I enjoy a bit more. I like bumbling zombies just trying to have chats, Daryl Dixon sniffing random people, a fully possessed Lizzie scaring the sh*t out of Drunken Bob, and Carl smoking weed with abandon.

It’s something a bit lighthearted before we jump back into to a world full of dead people, assholes, and cannibals. At least The Governor is dead.

(Via Bad Leap Reading)