Gillian Anderson Is Down For ‘The X-Files’ To Return But Needs Your Help

Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story, with its futile attempts at sci-fi, humor, and, well, horror, wants to be to the 2010s what The X-Files was to the 1990s. But the only thing they have in common is the latest AHS season is as shaky as the final X-Files season. There remains a demand for more Mulder and Scully, though, and Gillian Anderson in particular still gets asked about a reunion during every interview, including, most recently, on the Nerdist podcast.

Surprisingly, and despite her busy career (The Fall, Hannibal, and BBC’s upcoming War and Peace miniseries), she’s up for another season, but needs some help from fans.

A new Nerdist podcast featuring the talented actress addressed the drought of X-Files in our lives, and Anderson readily admitted that she misses it every bit as much as the fans. She told the Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick…that if fans could convince Fox to reunite her with David Duchovny for a new X-Files series, she wouldn’t hesitate to sign on. (Via)

There’s even a dedicated hashtag which is currently littering Twitter like cigarette stubs on the floor when The Smoking Man’s through with them: #xfiles2015.

OK, but only if you promise us Mulder won’t cover a Fiona Apple song.

Via Tech Times