Gillian Jacobs Definitely Didn't Britta Her Appearance On Paul F. Tompkins's 'Speakeasy'

Gillian Jacobs from Community is the latest guest on Paul F. Tompkins’s highly enjoyable web series, “Speakeasy.” The more podcast-savvy among you will note that the two have a little history, as they’ve appeared together multiple times on Comedy Bang Bang — Jacobs as herself, Tompkins in character as Garry “Please, Call Me Garry” Marshall — to discuss their troubled, fictional marriage. Those have been wonderful. So is this.

Over the course of the video’s 15 minutes, Jacobs discusses everything from growing up in Pittsburgh to getting put on probation at Juilliard to not getting any of the Die Hard references in the first paintball episode of Community. Why didn’t she get any of the Die Hard references, you ask? BECAUSE SHE HADN’T SEEN DIE HARD AT THE TIME. How is that even possible? Who hasn’t seen Die Hard? Shouldn’t it be part of the curriculum at Juilliard? What the hell are they even doing over there if it’s not? I’m livid right now.

Good video, though.