Glenn Close And Jimmy Fallon Went All Out In This Face Stuffing Contest

It’s quite possible that Glenn Close might be the most fun of all the well respected actresses out there. We’ll get a bit of a comparison when Barbara Streisand is the only guest on Fallon at some point next week, but I think there’s already a neck and neck race between Glenn Close and Meryl Streep.

Here we see why. There aren’t many that I know who would go face first into a pile of spaghetti and pie on national TV. Kudos to Fallon too for risking his eyesight for the rest of the show and going for high marks on the Muta scale with all that pie filling.

Close also busted out a perfect baby impression during the interview portion of her appearance. If you have kids, it’s probably enough to fool you. If you don’t have kids, congrats to you. You’re not telling people like me stories about your damn kids.

(Via The Tonight Show)