Glenn From ‘The Walking Dead’ Hated Lori As Much As Everyone Else

Speaking to the press after The Walking Dead Comic-Con panel over the weekend, Steven Yeun — who plays Glenn on The Walking Deadrevealed that, like the rest of us, he was no fan of Lori in the first three seasons of the series, either. It was that hatred, however, that helped propel the success of the show.

“I remember the first couple seasons, there was a little bit of backlash on Lori. The character Lori. And to me, she was very similar to the character that they wrote in the book. In the book, when I read the book, I hated Lori. But the thing is, is the reason why is because she’s coming from her own place which is rational in her mind. But from the outside looking in, it seems irrational. Or it seems disconnected from what you want as a perfect narrative. But I guarantee you, she’s like the bass. She’s like the bass guitar. If she was gone, the show would be far more boring. …Honestly, if it weren’t for the people you sometimes hate to love, or love to hate, it wouldn’t be the show that it is.”

I wonder how true that is, because after Lori was killed off, we all transferred out hatred to Andrea, who was subsequently killed at the end of that season. Since that point in the series, the only characters that we have really and truly collectively hated are the ones we’re supposed to hate, although even the villains (Gareth, The Governor, Nicholas) have been more well liked than Lori. In fact, I don’t think there’s been a character as reviled as Lori since, except maybe Lizzie Samuels right after she killed her sister, and yet, the popularity of the series has only increased.

Don’t expect a major big bad like The Governor this season, either, as Andrew Lincoln reiterated what he said during the Comic-Con panel about the increasing number of zombies.

“I talked to some of the boys from KNB [Effects]…They explained it to me, they said that last season, in the 16 episodes, there were 967 zombies throughout the whole thing…but then this season we’re not even through seven, it’s over 2,000 already.”

It looks like half of those may have been used in this one sequence.

In fact, if the trailer for this season is what we’re going by, it looks like Andrew Lincoln’s character, Rick Grimes, may be the biggest villain.

The Walking Dead returns in October.

(Via Hitfix)