Go Greendale Hard: Levar Allen Raps about His 'Community' Angst

It’s not that unusual for a musician in our meme culture to put together a song or a video paying tribute to a television show. A few weeks ago, for instance, Adam WarRock released a fantastic rap about “Downton Abbey” that blared out of minivans across the nation for a few days. (WarRock also has a brilliant rap about “Firefly“) What’s unusual about Levar Allen’s “Streets Ahead Remix,” however, is that it’s not as much about his appreciation for “Community,” although that’s apparent, as it is about the fact that NBC has been playing with our hearts over the last several months, pulling the show and threatening to cancel it (FYI: Based on the latest ratings, there’s no way NBC cancels “Community.”) It’s a hardscrabble rap about gritty network politics and the little show that’s been played the victim.


Someone also needs to write a rap about Alison Brie’s boobs. That sh*t would go viral faster than chlamydia in Lindsay Lohan’s hot tub.

(Via Vulture)