Gov. Bobby Jindal Tries To Throw The Twitter Gauntlet Down On Stephen Colbert But Drops It On His Toe

If you’re a politician, and unless you’re Al Franken (maybe), you should not attempt to throwdown with a comedian, much less one of the masters of the medium, like Stephen Colbert. That’s exactly what Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal did, taking to Twitter to shoot back at Stephen Colbert for making fun of his views on evolution.

On Tuesday night, Colbert mocked Jindal — who is a very smart man (Brown University, Rhodes Scholar) — because Jindal walked back on his views on evolution in order to appeal to the Republican base should he run for President. Basically, Jindal’s public view is that evolution should be taught in schools, but school districts themselves should be allowed to make that choice.

Colbert responded by suggesting that Jindal’s academic background would haunt him in the Republican primary, but that his most recent statements on evolution show that Jindal is “off to an impressive retreat from knowledge.”


On Wednesday, Jindal shot back. Or he tried. I think the gun must have backfired on him and damaged the part of his brain responsible for jokes.

He’s off to an OK start here:

But then he takes a step backwards:

Then he doubles down on the previous bad joke:

Finally, here’s a lame attempt to work his position against the Common Core being taught in schools against Colbert.


If the presidential election were based on comedy, Jindal would lose to Michele Bachmann. At least she’s unintentionally funny.

Source: Twitter via CNN