Watch Adorable 97- And 102-Year-Old Sisters Gramma and Ginga Review ‘Game of Thrones’

News & Culture Writer

By now you may be familiar with 97- and 102-year old sisters Gramma and Ginga, who rose to viral fame last year thanks to the hilarious videos on their YouTube channel, in which the two mostly bicker, curse, and generally tell it like it is. And now they’re even bigger stars. That’s because Jimmy Kimmel introduced his audience to the two ladies, whom he interviewed on his show remotely from one of their homes in West Virginia last week.

Apparently, Gramma and Ginga were such a hit when they first appeared that Kimmel had them back on this week to review the latest episode of Game of Thrones. For a little backstory, neither Gramma not Ginga had ever seen an episode of Game of Thrones before, which would be confusing enough to the average person, not to mention two women who lived through the frigging Great Depression.

After finally resolving the eternal question of whether the hot dog is a sandwich (“No! It’s a hot dog!” Ginga proclaims), they get down to the business of Thrones. Barring some interruptions by their “deafening” telephone, the ladies are not fans. “I think it’s crazy!” says Ginga. “I don’t understand it. I didn’t know if that was a husband, or that was a wife, or where they’re gonna run away with somebody else, and I never did see that baby! I thought maybe they killed it!”

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