Great Things Happen When A ‘Simpsons’ Fan Complains About Too Many Quotes In A ‘Simpsons’ Facebook Group

Unless you’re someone’s crazy aunt with a hot take about Barack Hussein Obamacare, there aren’t many reasons to remain on Facebook. I pretty much use it to remind myself of friends’ birthdays and incessantly quote The Simpsons, because obviously there’s nowhere else on the Internet where you can do that. My favorite SEX CAULDRON, er, home of all-things Simpsons is a trivia group that rarely goes 15 minutes without a fan uploading a screencap or referencing their favorite episode. It’s a delight, for everyone except one Reverend Killjoy, who’s had ENOUGH.

Hey guys. Hey, hey guys. Yes you. You guys right there. I [Deanne] like this group. I like all of you too. But can we cut it out with the quotes already? I like the discussion posts, related news links, original contributions, etcetera, but this group is BLOWING UP MY NEWSFEED! Half the time when I’m scrolling through my posts, the first twenty will be composed of five friend statuses, one ad, four original posts from here, and ten quotes from here.

Look, I love the Simpsons. You know I do, and I know you do too, but sometimes I need my space. I don’t want to do something as drastic as unsubscribing from notifications, because I don’t want to break up; I want to work through this together. We all love classic Simpsons, but we’ve seen it. It’s hilarious. I see at LEAST five things every day that remind me of a Simpsons quote, and sometimes my friends have to tell me to knock it off with the quotes already. Please, guys: Babies love balls, but stop adding more balls (the balls are a metaphor).

That’s when the magic happened.

Via Facebook